Adding another act to their string of signings, Little Heart Records welcomes Uh-Huh Baby Yeah! (formerly Creatures!) to their label family. The Southern Indiana-based rock group, best known for their party music sound, will be rereleasing their former EP in July and gearing up for a new full length in 2011.

Singer Kevin Fletcher says of the arrangement: “We’re totally stoked about signing with Little Heart! Seeing as we’re both from Louisville, we felt this would be a good way to expand our fan base at home while having the support of such a solid label to branch further out. What better way to take over the world? Plus, Puckett offered us free nudes.”

The signing is fresh on the heels of the band’s recent name change. “Creatures! started out as a running joke about some of our members and a chick with gangly ass teeth,” jokes Fletcher. “It just kind of stuck after that. Not too long ago, a band from CA named Creatures signed to Eulogy and we knew we were going to have to change our name sooner or later. We’d shot a video for one of our songs titled “Uh-huh Baby Yeah!” and a lot of our fans seem to dig the tune. It was kind of a unanimous decision to use that as our name since it kind of summed us up from the beginning.”

First up for the band is a digital reissue of their former Creatures! material. The EP, Sex Panther!, will be available in most major digital stores on-line. When asked to describe the record, Fletcher replied, “the title Sex Panther! was also a total joke between all of us, but the tunes have a little more story to them. We wrote these songs as a way to distinguish ourselves from our previous bands; they were all serious and screamy and heavy… we just weren’t those kind of people anymore. We wanted to play music that was fun, light hearted and dancy; the kind of music that would start a party. What you hear is the product that stemmed from that.”

This release will be followed by touring and shows, a new gauntlet of merch and a follow up full length in early 2011.

“We will be hitting the studio closer to the end of the year to gear up for our full length release in March next year. Lots of touring and promotion (hint, hint, Puckett!), getting our name out there… the usual. We’re hoping to get our music out to anyone that’ll hear it. You’ll be seeing a WHOLE lot more of us!”

In addition to Fletcher, the band also features bassist Chris Armstrong, drummer Sean Smith and guitarists John Braboy and Johnny Blaze.